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Data Tells Life (DTL) is a healthcare technology company making use of cloud based data mining facilities through highly specialized and dedicated search engines.

Real-time, real-life healthcare data analysis

The system is sophisticated in healthcare. It screens numerous of online public messages each day to target and analyze the relevant information regarding disease, patients, doctors, researchers and healthcare workers.

Medical team ensures healthcare data analysis accuracy and validity.

DTLs services are governed through the eyes of medics, differentiating between what is medically relevant and not and following differential diagnosis pathways. DTLs unique combination of technology and medical professional to assure data quality which is the foundation to solid healthcare data analysis.


Data Tells Life  core competencies are in the domains of patient recruitment, campaign control and optimization, strategical analysis of mined data and specialized dedicated services.

DTL's services can help healthcare companies finding suitable subjects in especially rare but also more common diseases in both marketing as well as clinical research related settings.

Through DTL's unique approach awareness and effectiveness of events, campaigns, publications and products get evaluated, analyzed, influenced and improved in line with industry standards.


We have gained experiences in various therapeutic areas successfully, such as:


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Data Tells Life  offers customized solutions to meet the needs of healthcare companies in both clinical research and marketing activities.

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